Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

Posted: February 17, 2017 in Power in Flux: The Book


A book about how technology, innovation, renewable energy and the electric powertrain transformed motorsports in the 21st century.

Remember the first electric motorcycle you ever saw?  I do.  In 2006, the Killacycle, a battery-powered drag bike changed the way I saw electric vehicle technology forever.  From that moment on, I was obsessed.

Electric vehicle technology began in the earliest days of cars – losing the battle with gas engines as far back as the early 1900s.  After a short-lived rekindling of interest in the latter days of the 20th century, we saw an explosion of electric vehicle technology, with motorcycles at the forefront, starting with the dawn of the 21st century.  Today, electric motorcycles compete on the same field as gas bikes – and often surpass them.

The story of electric motorcycles is the story of scientific research, technological innovation and the confluence of technologies.  …but it’s another story too.  It’s the story of how the power delivery of a high-performance, no-compromise, pure-electric drivetrain can redefine transportation, motorsports and the perception of renewable energy.  It’s the story of power in flux.

Join me on a very personal journey within this small community of innovators – from industry leaders to garage mechanics – to experience how a revolution in motorsports – as well as technology and innovation – happens.

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  1. ZikZak says:

    I received mine this past weekend. I was expecting a bigger format but that’s not a big deal. The content is what matters most.

  2. Oystein Saebo says:


    Thanks for writing this book!

    Just a question about your previous book “from Fossils to Flux, Third Edition”. As this was published in 2013, is there an updated version coming? So much has happened regarding battery technology, more efficient motors, controllers and chargers. Would love to see a fourth edition!

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,


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